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08/27/2011 10:23 AM
Cubs having a chance to sit in Model T Ford while at Day Camp Day Camp 2010

Cardinal Day Camp 2010
06/28/2010 08:15 AM
Flag Ceremony Merit Badge Weekend 2009

2009 Merit Badge Weekend at the Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation 04/01/2009 03:23 PM
An American Hero and Distinguished Eagle James Lovell FOS Dinner - Featuring Cardinal Scouters

John McCulla, chariman for Council FOS dinner - and Cardinal lead the tables
The Annual Heart of Virginia Council Friends of Scouting Dinner, last year chaired by Bruce Kay and 2009 by Cardinal's John McCulla. Bill Barton and John Honeycutt lead the Cardinal efforts. Keynote by CPT James Lovell and feature speaker Alvin Townley. Alvin also spoke at UR the next morning. Thanks again John, - js 4Mar09 - 03/04/2009 09:22 PM
Thanks for all you do Bill and John Council Awards and Eagle Night Feb. 2009

19 February 2009
Annual Council recognize of Eagles of 2008, Silver Beaver award winners, and others who have been leaders in providing qualty Scouting programs / events in Heart of Virginia Council. These photos do not include all the Council awards - but seek to reconginze our fellow volunteers who serve in the Great Cardinal District. AND the Great Cardinal District Won the Golden Saber Award for 2008. Of the seven years presented, Cardinal earned it 3. A tally by percent of 10 measures so all large and small districts can compete. Congratulations to every Pack, Troop, Crew, and to Commissioners and District Committee and our professionals Joe and Jennifer, Jason and all! Serving Scouting Well. Let's go forward. - js - 28Feb09 - 02/28/2009 01:15 PM
the Old House Chambers VA Report to the Commonwealth

9 Councils Serving VA represented
The Annual Report to the Commonwealth of Virginia saw 15 Scouts and their Scouter adults (drivers) visit the state Capitol, tour, be presneted to the House in session, saw HJR874 honoring Scouting pass the House, welcomed by Del. Bill Janis (Cardinal Scoutmaster) (Eagle) to the House, met Speaker of the House Howell and Governor Tim Kaine - making a presentation to each. Cardinal was represented by Co-chairmen Frances Crutchfield and Jonathan Shouse, Jason Smith (staff). 02/28/2009 12:28 PM
tomahawk release TIMBOREE!!

Cardinal District Winter Campout!
The Great Cardinal District TIMBOREE!! Patrol Work, stations all over the camp, volunteers running event. And most important - as one reviewer said: " This event was incredibly well planned and executed. The boys that were there had a great time." (plus they practiced Scouting and learned stuff) 02/16/2009 11:26 PM
Yes this is good popcorn PopCorns for You

CARDINAL units pick up SOLD popcorn Nov 2008
Trails End Popcorn not only tastes GREAT - the Pack and Troop and your Council all profit from it. Units that choose to sell help Scouting in 24 counties and 4 cities - we all gain from popcorn sales. Thank you Scouts and parents for helping Scouting. (js17Nov08) 11/17/2008 10:08 PM
Ed Beach holds court on cooking Outdoor Leader Training (IOLS & OLSWL) at Camp T. Brady Saunders - October 2008

Outdoor Leader Training
Before Scouters lead the Scouts camping they must complete Outdoor Leader Training. Training in BSA is done by fellow volunteer Scouters. Ron Alexander provides these photos of the Oct. 2008 Cardinal District course. Thanks to our volunteer Staff and to all who invested thier time to get trained! (js03Nov08) 11/06/2008 07:51 AM
Dvae ( foreground) one of our Web Masters Website Training for the District Key 4+

Website Training
YOU want your information and you want it fast? Your Key 4 (John, Lloyd, Jennifer and Joe) all can post information on YOUR web site. So can others with training and PR duties. Bruce Kay & the Markel Corp. let David Anderson (another Cardinal vol. & one of our super-Web-guys), train us in Markel's Computer lab. Thank you Bruce & David. Let us know what YOU NEED and want on YOUR web site. - js - 29Oct08 11/06/2008 07:50 AM
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