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08/27/2011 10:23 AM
Cubs having a chance to sit in Model T Ford while at Day Camp Day Camp 2010

Cardinal Day Camp 2010
06/28/2010 08:15 AM
Flag Ceremony Merit Badge Weekend 2009

2009 Merit Badge Weekend at the Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation 04/01/2009 03:23 PM
An American Hero and Distinguished Eagle James Lovell FOS Dinner - Featuring Cardinal Scouters

John McCulla, chariman for Council FOS dinner - and Cardinal lead the tables
The Annual Heart of Virginia Council Friends of Scouting Dinner, last year chaired by Bruce Kay and 2009 by Cardinal's John McCulla. Bill Barton and John Honeycutt lead the Cardinal efforts. Keynote by CPT James Lovell and feature speaker Alvin Townley. Alvin also spoke at UR the next morning. Thanks again John, - js 4Mar09 - 03/04/2009 09:22 PM
Thanks for all you do Bill and John Council Awards and Eagle Night Feb. 2009

19 February 2009
Annual Council recognize of Eagles of 2008, Silver Beaver award winners, and others who have been leaders in providing qualty Scouting programs / events in Heart of Virginia Council. These photos do not include all the Council awards - but seek to reconginze our fellow volunteers who serve in the Great Cardinal District. AND the Great Cardinal District Won the Golden Saber Award for 2008. Of the seven years presented, Cardinal earned it 3. A tally by percent of 10 measures so all large and small districts can compete. Congratulations to every Pack, Troop, Crew, and to Commissioners and District Committee and our professionals Joe and Jennifer, Jason and all! Serving Scouting Well. Let's go forward. - js - 28Feb09 - 02/28/2009 01:15 PM
the Old House Chambers VA Report to the Commonwealth

9 Councils Serving VA represented
The Annual Report to the Commonwealth of Virginia saw 15 Scouts and their Scouter adults (drivers) visit the state Capitol, tour, be presneted to the House in session, saw HJR874 honoring Scouting pass the House, welcomed by Del. Bill Janis (Cardinal Scoutmaster) (Eagle) to the House, met Speaker of the House Howell and Governor Tim Kaine - making a presentation to each. Cardinal was represented by Co-chairmen Frances Crutchfield and Jonathan Shouse, Jason Smith (staff). 02/28/2009 12:28 PM
tomahawk release TIMBOREE!!

Cardinal District Winter Campout!
The Great Cardinal District TIMBOREE!! Patrol Work, stations all over the camp, volunteers running event. And most important - as one reviewer said: " This event was incredibly well planned and executed. The boys that were there had a great time." (plus they practiced Scouting and learned stuff) 02/16/2009 11:26 PM
Yes this is good popcorn PopCorns for You

CARDINAL units pick up SOLD popcorn Nov 2008
Trails End Popcorn not only tastes GREAT - the Pack and Troop and your Council all profit from it. Units that choose to sell help Scouting in 24 counties and 4 cities - we all gain from popcorn sales. Thank you Scouts and parents for helping Scouting. (js17Nov08) 11/17/2008 10:08 PM
Ed Beach holds court on cooking Outdoor Leader Training (IOLS & OLSWL) at Camp T. Brady Saunders - October 2008

Outdoor Leader Training
Before Scouters lead the Scouts camping they must complete Outdoor Leader Training. Training in BSA is done by fellow volunteer Scouters. Ron Alexander provides these photos of the Oct. 2008 Cardinal District course. Thanks to our volunteer Staff and to all who invested thier time to get trained! (js03Nov08) 11/06/2008 07:51 AM
Dvae ( foreground) one of our Web Masters Website Training for the District Key 4+

Website Training
YOU want your information and you want it fast? Your Key 4 (John, Lloyd, Jennifer and Joe) all can post information on YOUR web site. So can others with training and PR duties. Bruce Kay & the Markel Corp. let David Anderson (another Cardinal vol. & one of our super-Web-guys), train us in Markel's Computer lab. Thank you Bruce & David. Let us know what YOU NEED and want on YOUR web site. - js - 29Oct08 11/06/2008 07:50 AM
useful stuff makes us better Scouters - gotta keep learning and sharing Cardinal District Roundtable for October 2008 for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing leaders

Roundtable October 2008
Combined opening of Cubs and Boy Scouts and Ventures - presentation of awards, Malcolm Dickerson (Cardinal's Scouting for Food volunteer) and lead staff for the Central VA Food Bank. OA meeting - conversation wtih chief, past Scoutmaster, and Eagle Scout. Great learning opporunity for the Scouts. Boy Scout Roundtable - great presentaion, web site of the month, camp sites of the month, and Scout game of the month. 11/06/2008 07:50 AM
Notice the 3 word on the blue shirt (Leadership Friendship Service) - sounds like OA to some Cardinal District Loads Popcorn ShowNSell

Popcorn Loading
Popcorn is a GREAT way for Packs & Troops to generate their own funds for Scouting - and helps run the Council that supports them! On Saturday 27 Sept. 2008 Scouts of Troop 700 Ashland and a half dozen brothers from Alpha Phi Omega, University of Richmond chapter loaded almost 2,000 cases of popcorn. Units sent vans & trucks to be loaded for the Show N Sell product, double checked the counts, then headed off to set up tables and let the Scouts SELL. Charlotte (Cardinal Popcorn Kernal) organized the orders and picking up, and has been promoting sales all year. Charlotte and the Cardinal District look for even MORE volunteers to show at 0730 Saturday 15 November when we'll load twice as many vehicles and twice as much popcorn to fill the SOLD orders. If you come help - you get a doughnut and an handshake Nov. 15, 0730 - 1200. Thanks for the Sept. service project APO brothers (yes guys some "brothers" in APO are girls), chapter advisor Paul, Troop 700 and our other adults! 11/06/2008 07:46 AM
The room was FULL and the night fun Heart of Virginia Council's 2008 Friends of Scouting Dinner

FOS Dinner 2008
On Thursday night 21 Feb 2008 the Heart of Virginia Council held the Lead Off event for the Friends of Scouting drive for 2008. Featured Speaker was Ross Perot, Distinguished Eagle Scout, leadership expert, billionaire, patriot, Navy veteran - and more. Lead Council volunteer this year is Bruce Kay, a loyal and hard working member of the Cardinal District Committee and of Troop 772 committee. He and all involved made this a success with c. 900 attending the Richmond Convention Center event. 09/05/2008 08:41 AM
Resize of Mission complete! Cardinal District Merit Badge Weekend 2008

Merit Badge Weekend 2008
Over 750 Scouts and leaders attended 09/05/2008 08:39 AM
All These Scouts Doing a Good Turn THANK YOU GUYS 2008 Susan G. Komen National Race for the Cure

Race for the Cure 2008
We had a Great turn out for the event with about 55 scouts/scouters in attendance. This was by far the best year in the four years we have had the privilege of participating. Along with Troop 736, we were once again joined by the following Troops/Crews: Troop 715 (Jerome Golfman) Troop 760 (Richard Brett) Troop 799 (Kenny Jones/Tim Goodman) Crew 736 (Jim McCoig) Our Scouts and Scouters arrived by 7:00am, helped set up tables, chairs, carry boxes and most importantly got the opportunity to serve as race marshals and cheerleaders for all three races. The 1k children's fun run, the 1k senior walk and the main 5k event. I believe we were able to finish up around 11:30am, well ahead of schedule. We had so many compliments and encouraging words about the Scouts from the Race Committee, volunteers and so many of the race participants and survivors. It really made us proud of all the scouts in attendance. They really took the cheerleading and servant leadership responsibilities to heart. We are already signing up the group for next year!!! Thanks, Michael W. Lynch Ph: 804-486-8899 09/05/2008 08:38 AM
Unit Recognitions Cardinal District Awards Banquet 2008

District Awards Banquet 2008
The 2008 Cardinal District Awards and Recongnition Banquet was again Chaired by Susan Philips, and held at the River Road Presbyterian Church. WE thank Susan for all her planning (and caring) and wish her healing (liked that nice turtle-neck!). We thank River Road Presbyterian for letting us come. Two Wood Badgers received their BEADS. John Stahl (SR809) and Dan Cousino (WE3-61-1-07, Denver Area Council). Many units nominiated Scouters to recognize their extrodinary service to thier unit. And Stuart Dunn helped us get the perspective of the LONG history of Scouting in our area - currently known as the "Cardinal" District. 09/05/2008 08:36 AM
Richard says Als was great Cardinal District Roundtable for June 2008 featuring the Great Scout Leader Cookoff

Roundtable June 2008
The Great Cardinal District monthly Roundtable found two large tarp pitched at the Methodist training center - with Al Best (and company) and Richard Brett (and company and inmates?) firing up their kitchens. The Opening and presentation of awards lead to breakouts, and cooking! Even with buckets of rain coming down - all enjoyed some wonderful camp food - better suited for fine ro folk restaurants. And the winners were... 09/05/2008 08:35 AM
Gun Control is hitting where you aim Cardinal District Cub Scout Day Camp 2008

Day Camp 2008
With 320 Cubs, and 235 chaperons (they rotate some days), and 100 staff (about 50/50 adult and youth) the Cub Scout of Cardinal Distict had a GREAT 5 days planned of fun and learning. 09/05/2008 08:34 AM
Camp Super John Hankins gave a classis story time on Bill Givler with the Rabid Dog In Camp as well as the Civil War Truck story Silver Beaver & Others 23 Feb 2008

Heart of VA Council Awards Night 2008
On Thursday 28 Feb. 2008 the Heart of Virginia Council presented the 2007 Silver Beaver Awards, Eagle Scouts for 2007, Bill Givler's retirement (39 years to BSA) and more. Photos include Bruce Kay and Tim Goodmam, active Cardinal District volunteers. Photos by J Shouse. 02/29/2008 09:38 PM
Unit volunteers loading up - and Kris Kan Kount Popcorn Loading Pickup 17Nov07

Units come pick up what their Scouts sold
Kloke Warhouse, Todd, Jason, and Charley got it all orgainzed as well as our Kernel Selena Giannasi. Add in Tom and Andrew, and some old faithful like Ed, Paul (BSA/APO), Jonathan, Kris, and that small crew got a few cases of product loaded into the Cardinal fleet. The Units were GREAT arriving at appointed times and helping with all that loading. Congratulations to our Scouts for a good job selling to support their units and the Council. Boy Do We Need Scouting. 11/17/2007 09:33 PM
Trading Post Venture Crew 772 Scouts 400th Encampment Heart of VA Council

12-14 Oct. 2007 Council Camporee
Camporee at RIR Parking Fields, 12-14 Oct. First Council Camporee in 10 years. 4,000+ Scouts and Scouters from the Heart of Virginia Council. GREAT Weather and fun times for all. 10/14/2007 09:51 PM
Brad Nesheim, Scout Executive, Heart of Virginia Council Cardinal District Awards Banquet 2007

District Banquet
Shows the eveing, and our Unit Nominated Award Scouters and the .....................Award of Merit Scouters: Sue McCue, Crew 720 Michael Lynch, Troop 736 Catherine Harding, Troop 715 Lloyd Dunnavant, Troop 772................................... These are Low Resolution Files to make them pop up fast on the internet. If you want one of these 2007 BANQUET photos to make a Print from - send Jonathan Shosue an E and tell him WHICH of the pics you need - ID which one and he will send that file(s) back to you - OK for 5x7 or maybe even 8x10. the 'tall guy with the camera' - js - ..................................... CARDINAL Unit Recognition Award Chris Perry, Troop 700; Tim Vassar, Pack 701; Beth Humphries, Pack 706; Tammy McCauley, Pack 710; Joe Foley, Troop 715; Chuck Staudenmaier, Pack 736; Steve Hutchinson, Troop 737; Scott Kemp, Pack 740; Brian Douglas, Pack 741; Bill Riddell, Troop 760; Anna Marie Collier, Pack 760; Joyce Prescott, Pack 772; Rich Raible, Troop 772; Nancy Scyphers, Pack 788 06/19/2007 09:15 AM
John McCulla, Bill Barton (active 50 Year Veteran Scouter) Jason Smith (DE) District Committee March 07 Awards

District Committee 3/07
March 2007 Cardinal District Committee monthly meeting - also presented certificate of appreciation to Markel Croporation for hosting our meetings (received by Sr. VP of Investments, Bruce Kay - Eagle and District Committee member) Also presented 50 Year Veteran Scouter award to Bill Barton - Eagle and long time member of committee and Finance Chairman! Then sang happy 70th birthday to him! 03/24/2007 08:20 PM
Bags old and New - we are ready for next year Scouting For Food 2006 Cardinal Packing Trucks

Scouting For Food 2006
Cardinal had collection points at Godwin HS and at Tucker HS. Our district volunteer leader is Malcolm Dickerson. Troop 772 leads the loading at Godwin, with Crew 772 joining in. This year we were visited twice by an Eagle soring above us in a deep blue sky!

See Jonathan Shouse for hi-res originals

11/13/2006 03:32 PM
Cubs cheering their fellows UP. Cardinal District Cub Day Camp 2006

Day Camp

A few photos from the Great Cardinal District Cub Day Camp in Deep Run Park, June 2006.

08/29/2006 08:00 AM
Alpha Phi Omega is on the scene Super Saturday 2006

Super Saturday

Super Saturday is the council's annual program planning conference and information trade show that helps Scout leaders plan their calendar of activities for the following year. This year's event drew 410 Scout Leaders to the Cub and Webelos Adventure Camp in Goochland County.

08/29/2006 07:56 AM
Woods Tools Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

Outdoor Training

The Cardinal District held its fall Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills and Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders courses out at Camp T. Brady Saunders on the weekend of October 28th through 30th. Participants camped out and learned skills and techniques that will allow them to help their boys have the best Scouting program around. Leaders got instruction in 20 different sessions which included Leave No Trace, Woods Tools, Campfire Building, Knots & Lashings, Plant & Animal Identification, First Aid, Hiking & Backpacking, and many others.

08/29/2006 07:53 AM
Cardinal District January Committee Meeting

Committee Meeting

The Cardinal District Committee met on January 17th to discuss many important things

08/29/2006 07:42 AM
Tom welcomes everyone Roundtable Meeting for October 2005

October Roundtable

The October roundtable meeting was the first held in our new location at the Virginia United Methodist Conference Center. It was also the first time in recent memory where we actually had the Boy Scout leaders and Cub Scout leaders together for the beginning of the meeting. It was a little chaotic as we adjusted to the new space but it appears to be a perfect venue for this monthly gathering of Scout leaders.

10/06/2005 05:56 PM
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