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Photo Albums

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Dvae ( foreground) one of our Web Masters Website Training for the District Key 4+

Website Training
YOU want your information and you want it fast? Your Key 4 (John, Lloyd, Jennifer and Joe) all can post information on YOUR web site. So can others with training and PR duties. Bruce Kay & the Markel Corp. let David Anderson (another Cardinal vol. & one of our super-Web-guys), train us in Markel's Computer lab. Thank you Bruce & David. Let us know what YOU NEED and want on YOUR web site. - js - 29Oct08 11/06/2008 07:50 AM
the Old House Chambers VA Report to the Commonwealth

9 Councils Serving VA represented
The Annual Report to the Commonwealth of Virginia saw 15 Scouts and their Scouter adults (drivers) visit the state Capitol, tour, be presneted to the House in session, saw HJR874 honoring Scouting pass the House, welcomed by Del. Bill Janis (Cardinal Scoutmaster) (Eagle) to the House, met Speaker of the House Howell and Governor Tim Kaine - making a presentation to each. Cardinal was represented by Co-chairmen Frances Crutchfield and Jonathan Shouse, Jason Smith (staff). 02/28/2009 12:28 PM
tomahawk release TIMBOREE!!

Cardinal District Winter Campout!
The Great Cardinal District TIMBOREE!! Patrol Work, stations all over the camp, volunteers running event. And most important - as one reviewer said: " This event was incredibly well planned and executed. The boys that were there had a great time." (plus they practiced Scouting and learned stuff) 02/16/2009 11:26 PM
Alpha Phi Omega is on the scene Super Saturday 2006

Super Saturday

Super Saturday is the council's annual program planning conference and information trade show that helps Scout leaders plan their calendar of activities for the following year. This year's event drew 410 Scout Leaders to the Cub and Webelos Adventure Camp in Goochland County.

08/29/2006 07:56 AM
Camp Super John Hankins gave a classis story time on Bill Givler with the Rabid Dog In Camp as well as the Civil War Truck story Silver Beaver & Others 23 Feb 2008

Heart of VA Council Awards Night 2008
On Thursday 28 Feb. 2008 the Heart of Virginia Council presented the 2007 Silver Beaver Awards, Eagle Scouts for 2007, Bill Givler's retirement (39 years to BSA) and more. Photos include Bruce Kay and Tim Goodmam, active Cardinal District volunteers. Photos by J Shouse. 02/29/2008 09:38 PM
Bags old and New - we are ready for next year Scouting For Food 2006 Cardinal Packing Trucks

Scouting For Food 2006
Cardinal had collection points at Godwin HS and at Tucker HS. Our district volunteer leader is Malcolm Dickerson. Troop 772 leads the loading at Godwin, with Crew 772 joining in. This year we were visited twice by an Eagle soring above us in a deep blue sky!

See Jonathan Shouse for hi-res originals

11/13/2006 03:32 PM
Tom welcomes everyone Roundtable Meeting for October 2005

October Roundtable

The October roundtable meeting was the first held in our new location at the Virginia United Methodist Conference Center. It was also the first time in recent memory where we actually had the Boy Scout leaders and Cub Scout leaders together for the beginning of the meeting. It was a little chaotic as we adjusted to the new space but it appears to be a perfect venue for this monthly gathering of Scout leaders.

10/06/2005 05:56 PM
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08/27/2011 10:23 AM
Yes this is good popcorn PopCorns for You

CARDINAL units pick up SOLD popcorn Nov 2008
Trails End Popcorn not only tastes GREAT - the Pack and Troop and your Council all profit from it. Units that choose to sell help Scouting in 24 counties and 4 cities - we all gain from popcorn sales. Thank you Scouts and parents for helping Scouting. (js17Nov08) 11/17/2008 10:08 PM
Unit volunteers loading up - and Kris Kan Kount Popcorn Loading Pickup 17Nov07

Units come pick up what their Scouts sold
Kloke Warhouse, Todd, Jason, and Charley got it all orgainzed as well as our Kernel Selena Giannasi. Add in Tom and Andrew, and some old faithful like Ed, Paul (BSA/APO), Jonathan, Kris, and that small crew got a few cases of product loaded into the Cardinal fleet. The Units were GREAT arriving at appointed times and helping with all that loading. Congratulations to our Scouts for a good job selling to support their units and the Council. Boy Do We Need Scouting. 11/17/2007 09:33 PM
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