District-Level Functions
  • We train leaders - we don't just run training courses.

  • Target untrained leaders.

  • Plan and implement an effective, year-round leadership training program for the district to provide continuing training opportunities for all leaders, regardless of position.

  • Develop procedures for evaluating the quality and effectiveness of the district leadership training program. Report training progress regularly to the council training committee.

  • Establish priorities. Develop and carry out a plan to accomplish those priorities.

  • Select, recruit, and train an effective team of instructors.

  • Plan, promote, conduct, and evaluate all district training events.

  • Recognize leaders who complete training requirements.

  • See that high standards are set and met by all instructors.

  • Maintain adequate district training records.

  • Conduct an annual survey of training needs in the district.

  • Keep informed of literature, audiovisuals, and equipment aids for the leadership training program.

  • Have an approved budget for training events.

  • Support and encourage all pack trainers.