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District Units
District Unit Location Map

Cub Scout Packs

UnitChartered OrganizationScoutsLeaders
Pack 701Tuckahoe Moose Lodge # 1163 (Henrico)4020
Pack 704Kenwood United Methodist Church (Hanover)3921
Pack 706St Peters United Methodist Church (Hanover)6130
Pack 708Christ Methodist Church (Henrico)2013
Pack 710Randolph Elementary School PTA (Goochland)4822
Pack 715Three Chopt Presbyterian Church (Henrico)5120
Pack 718St Anns Catholic Church (Hanover)1211
Pack 720Mount Vernon Baptist Church (Henrico)9454
Pack 728West Richmond Church Of The Brethren (Henrico)3526
Pack 732St. Peter's Baptist Church (Henrico)89
Pack 735Shady Grove United Methodist Church (Henrico)4219
Pack 736CDRBSA/St Michaels Catholic Church (Henrico)6222
Pack 737CDRBSA/St Marys Catholic Church (Henrico)6524
Pack 738Welborne United Methodist Church (Henrico)3119
Pack 740CDRBSI/Our Lady of Lourdes Church (Henrico)3825
Pack 744Greenwood United Methodist Church (Henrico)1711
Pack 747Gayton Baptist Church (Henrico)6126
Pack 751Glen Allen School Elementary PTA (Henrico)4616
Pack 759Lakeside United Methodist Church (Henrico)22/td>12
Pack 760Lakeside Presbyterian Church (Henrico)2418
Pack 761LDS/Richmond Branch47
Pack 763Richmond Elks Lodge #45 Bpoe (Henrico)4122
Pack 767LDS Scotchtown Ward (Hanover)89
Pack 768LDS/Glen Allen Ward (Henrico)910
Pack 769LDS/Innsbrook Ward (Henrico)3212
Pack 770River Road Presbyterian Church (Henrico)3820
Pack 772Discovery United Methodist Church (Henrico)4824
Pack 773Dover Baptist Church (Goochland)56
Pack 776CDRBSA/Knights of Columbus (Henrico)2713
Pack 788Christ Church Episcopal (Henrico)5718
Pack 789Beaverdam Ruritan Club (Hanover)207
Pack 799Trinity United Methodist Church (Henrico)5118

Boy Scout Troops

UnitChartered OrganizationScoutsLeaders
Troop 700Duncan Memorial United Methodist (Hanover)4326
Troop 702Second Baptist Church (Henrico)3924
Troop 704Elmont Ruritan Club (Hanover)1110
Troop 705Derbyshire Baptist Church (Henrico)1610
Troop 706St Peters United Methodist Church (Hanover)4335
Troop 707Freedom Fellowship Church117
Troop 710Dewitt Clinton Masonic Lodge #141 (Goochland)3536
Troop 715Three Chopt Presbyterian Church (Henrico)5147
Troop 720Mount Vernon Baptist Church (Henrico)4434
Troop 728West Richmond Church Of The Brethren (Henrico)1513
Troop 730St Andrews United Methodist Mens (Henrico)716
Troop 732St. Peter's Baptist Church (Henrico)109
Troop 735Shady Grove United Methodist Church (Henrico)4422
Troop 736CDRBSA/St Michaels Catholic Church (Henrico)3932
Troop 737CDRBSA/St Marys Catholic Church (Henrico)5927
Troop 740Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Church (Henrico)127
Troop 741Forest Grove Christian Church (Goochland)88
Troop 747Gayton Baptist Church (Henrico)2112
Troop 751Greenwood United Methodist Church (Henrico)813
Troop 759Lakeside United Methodist Church (Henrico)1012
Troop 760Lakeside Presbyterian Church (Henrico)1114
Troop 763Richmond Elks Lodge #45 Bpoe (Henrico)2113
Troop 765LDS/Innsbrook Ward (Henrico)188
Troop 766LDS/Gayton Ward (Henrico)3313
Troop 767LDS Scotchtown Ward (Hanover)1011
Troop 768LDS/Glen Allen Ward (Henrico)189
Troop 770River Road Presbyterian Church (Henrico)158
Troop 772Discovery United Methodist Church (Henrico)3421
Troop 776CDRBSA/Knights of Columbus (Henrico)1513
Troop 777St Martins Episcopal Church (Henrico)2223
Troop 789Zion Christian Church (Hanover)78
Troop 793Forest Grove United Methodist Church (Hanover)1714
Troop 795Glen Allen Baptist Church (Henrico)1216
Troop 799Trinity United Methodist Church (Henrico)6025

Venture Crews

UnitChartered OrganizationScoutsLeaders
Crew 700Duncan Memorial UMC136
Crew 711Goochland High School (Goochland)526
Crew 712Friends of Richmond Stake117
Crew 713Henrico Co Dept Of Parks An (Richmond)219
Crew 715Three Chopt Presbyterian Church (Henrico)57
Crew 720Mount Vernon Baptist Church (Henrico)1111
Crew 736CDRBSA/St Michaels Catholic Church (Henrico)118
Crew 737CDRBSA/St Marys Catholic Church (Henrico)277
Crew 765LDS Innsbrook Ward95
Crew 766LDS Gayton Ward127
Crew 768LDS Glen Allen Ward105
Crew 772Discovery United Methodist Church (Henrico)2110
Crew 798Alpha Phi Omega-Omkron Phi (Richmond)77

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