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Description :
The Life-To-Eagle documents are being revised to be aligned with the 2015 Guide to Advancement. Documents uploaded prior to January 2016, should be used with caution as some of the information may not be accurate.

The October 2015 Printing of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook must be used starting January 1st, 2016. The only exception is if the Scout started filling in the May 2015 Printing before the October 2015 Printing was distributed. In this case, the Scout may continue using the May 2015 Printing.
Full Text :
The following documents have been prepared using the 2015 Guide to Advancement. Guidance documents are being revised and new guidance documents will be prepared when a need has been identified. The documents are listed here under three categories but all of the documents may be used by anyone.

EAGLE CANDIDATE FORMS These forms must be used by all Eagle Candidates. These forms are also available at and
Eagle Project Workbook October 2015
2016 Eagle Application

EAGLE CANDIDATE GUIDANCE DOCUMENTS These documents have useful information that can help the Eagle candidate on the Life to Eagle trail.
Eagle Candidate Checklist
Eagle Process FAQ
Eagle Candidate Seminar
Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal Checklist
Preparing and Submitting the Eagle Application
Preparing the Eagle Application Summary

UNIT LEADERSHIP GUIDANCE DOCUMENTS These document have useful information that can help the unit leadership guide Eagle candidates on the Life to Eagle trail.
Eagle Scout Service Project Coach Training
Eagle Project Coaches Cardinal
Letter to Eagle Candidate Parents
Unit Checklist for Reviewing the Eagle Scout Application
Sample Request for Eagle Recommendations
Unit Checklist for Eagle Board of Review

Please direct all questions and comments to the Cardinal District Advancement Committee at:

Current Files

Name sort_none Size sort_none Uploaded sort_none Actions
Eagle_Scout_Service_Project_Proposal_Checklist.pdf 123.34 KB 05/02/2012 Download
Preparing_the_EAGLE_Application_-Summary.pdf 65.29 KB 06/21/2012 Download
15a_-_Training_Slides_Handouts_-_Eagle_District_Board_of_Review_Guidelines.pdf 157.27 KB 06/02/2010 Download
Eagle_Project_Workbook_Oct2015_Printing(512-927_expandable).pdf 3.98 MB 01/25/2016 Download
04-Eagle_Service_Leadership_Service_Project_-_PowerPoint.pdf 785.45 KB 11/04/2010 Download
Eagle_Candidate_Seminar.pdf 1.33 MB 04/06/2011 Download
Eagle_Candidate_Checklist.pdf 141.02 KB 04/02/2016 Download
Sample_Request_for_Eagle_Recommendation.doc 67.50 KB 06/21/2012 Download
15_-_Training_Slides_-_05-10-10_-_Eagle_District_Board_of_Review_Guidelines.pdf 176.59 KB 06/02/2010 Download
Eagle_Project_Coaches-Cardinal_11-13-2012.pdf 16.42 KB 11/13/2012 Download
Preparing-and-Submitting-the-Eagle-Application.pdf 649.48 KB 07/27/2012 Download
HOV_Council_Boy_Scout_Advancement_Policy_09-28-15_.pdf 187.44 KB 01/25/2016 Download
2016_Eagle_Scout_Rank_Application.pdf 107.37 KB 01/25/2016 Download
04a-Eagle_Service_Leadership_Service_Project_-_PowerPoint_Handouts.pdf 360.44 KB 11/04/2010 Download
Letter_to_Eagle_Candidate_Parents.pdf 63.75 KB 06/21/2012 Download
Eagle_Process_FAQ.pdf 286.16 KB 06/21/2012 Download
01_-_Letter_to_Eagle_Candidate.pdf 66.71 KB 11/03/2010 Download
Eagle_Scout_Service_Project_Coach_Training.pdf 3.81 MB 01/06/2012 Download
Unit_Checklist_for_Reviewing_the_Eagle_Scout_Application.pdf 114.03 KB 02/03/2012 Download
Unit_Checklist_for_Eagle_Board_of_Review.pdf 138.58 KB 02/03/2012 Download